Luna Florentino – Neon

Luna Florentino Lights Up the Scene with "Neon"

South African rapper Luna Florentino has released the track “Neon” from his upcoming album “Fresh Prince of Rustenburg 2.” The track, which drops ahead of the full album scheduled for release on April 26, 2024, offers fans a glimpse into the dynamic and explicit style Luna is known for in the hip-hop/rap scene. This early release not only sets the tone for the anticipated album but also allows listeners to get a feel for the evolving artistry of Luna Florentino.

“Fresh Prince of Rustenburg 2” promises a robust lineup with 11 tracks, including exciting collaborations and solo performances. Among the unreleased tracks, collaborations with artists like Flow Jones Jr. and Jay Jody, as well as features from Emtee and Manu WorldStar, hint at a diverse and engaging collection. The explicitness and raw energy encapsulated in the album reflect Luna’s signature style and his roots in Rustenburg, adding a personal touch to his music that resonates with a wide audience.

The release of “Neon” has been met with positive feedback, setting high expectations for the album’s success. Luna Florentino’s ongoing influence in the music industry is evident as fans eagerly await the full release to experience the complete narrative and artistic depth of “Fresh Prince of Rustenburg 2.”

The single “Neon,” available for streaming, provides just a taste of what is to come, making April 26 a highly anticipated date for both fans and critics. As Luna continues to make waves in the music scene, his journey is closely followed by those who appreciate the innovative blend of sounds and storytelling he brings to the table. See the full album details below and stream Neon.

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Album Details

Fresh Prince of Rustenburg 2

Artist: Luna Florentino
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: April 26, 2024
Track Count: 11
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Florentino Mariachi Holdings PTY LTD


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 SUN CiTY iNTRO Luna Florentino 1:50 Unreleased
2 Ferncrest Freestyle Luna Florentino & Flow Jones Jr. 3:57 Unreleased
3 Neon Luna Florentino 2:53 Released
4 Cuckoo Avenue Freestyle Luna Florentino 3:08 Unreleased
5 KEEP CALLiN’ Luna Florentino & Jay Jody 3:07 Unreleased
6 He Luna Florentino 2:30 Unreleased
7 ‘Laxxed Luna Florentino 2:39 Unreleased
8 Feel Good Luna Florentino 3:08 Unreleased
9 They Wouldn’t Know Luna Florentino 2:58 Unreleased
10 COUNT iT UP Luna Florentino, Emtee & Manu WorldStar 4:00 Unreleased
11 Tshela Mafura Bruh Luna Florentino 2:00 Unreleased


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