MacG, DJ Stresser & Given Kanu – Impilo Yam Ft. Subzero J & Ghost The Entertainer

Is there one moment when you get excited about a song even before you listen to it? For us, the question is yes, and several factors are usually at play, including the artists behind the song.

This is one such time, if you please. Funny enough, MacG is the bod who has us all excited to listen to this number. The reason is simple. He is barely associated with music these days.

Now, more than ever, many people know him as the guy behind Podcast and Chill more than anything else, even though he’d worked as a DJ before then.

Well, back to the music. MacG, DJ Stresser and Given Kanu joined forces for a number dubbed “Impilo Yam,” featuring their associates Subzero J and Ghost The Entertainer.

It’s a meeting of local champs, but the result of this meeting should also appeal to an international audience. Go check it out.

Impilo Yam

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