MacG – Songs I Put My Name On, Vol.2

MacG Drops Electrifying New EP: "Songs I Put My Name On, Vol.2"

South African Podcaster Dazzles with Latest Musical Offering

November 30, 2023 – South African podcaster and musical artist MacG has once again captivated the music scene with the release of his latest EP, “Songs I Put My Name On, Vol.2.” This new project, released under M2N Services, is a remarkable showcase of MacG’s ability to blend vibrant beats with a star-studded lineup of artists.

Spanning a total of six tracks and running for 43 minutes, the EP is a testament to MacG’s versatility and his keen ear for diverse musical styles. The opening track, “Izinto Zalomhlaba,” sets the tone with its rich rhythms and features collaborations with Sir Jay Lute, Man Q, Touchy Soul, and Buhle Ndalow. This is followed by “Faki Frostan,” a joint effort with Fiso El Musica, further enlivened by contributions from LeeMcKrazy and Tman Xpress.

The EP continues its dynamic journey with “Wele Wele,” a collaboration with Shaik Omar, and “Banga Tjukutja,” which sees a gathering of several artists, including Sir Jay Lute, Zuzu Key, Pataizen, Pele Pele, Mavoto, and Slice. The fifth track, “Impilo,” features a blend of voices from Sir Jay Lute, Sandy6eats, Zuzu Key, and Pataizen, creating an immersive listening experience. The closing track, “Teka Nika,” featuring Heart Beats and Yours Truly, wraps up the EP with a powerful and memorable finish.

MacG’s “Songs I Put My Name On, Vol.2” is more than just an EP; it is a vibrant celebration of musical collaboration and innovation. As fans and critics alike dive into this latest release, the anticipation for its impact on the music scene is palpable. MacG’s ability to continuously redefine and push the boundaries of his musical expression is what makes this EP a highly anticipated and potentially influential addition to his already impressive repertoire.

Songs I Put My Name On, Vol.2


1 Izinto Zalomhlaba (feat. Sir Jay Lute, Man Q, Touchy Soul & Buhle Ndalow) MacG 7:26
2 Faki Frostan (feat. Leemckrazy & Tman Xpress) MacG & Fiso el Musica 7:00
3 Wele Wele (feat. Born Kxng) MacG & Shaik Omar 6:27
4 Banga Tjukutja (feat. Sir Jay Lute, Zuzu Key, Pataizen, Pele Pele & Mavoto & Slice) MacG 8:07
5 Impilo (feat. Sir Jay Lute, Sandy6eats, Zuzu Key & Pataizen) MacG 7:47
6 Teka Nika (feat. Heart Beats & Yours Truly) MacG 6:47


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