Major League – Piano City Ft. Sir Trill (S1 EP01)

South African boy band Major League have raised a piano city – or “Piano City (S1 EP01)” song, if you please – with Sir Trill.

With a title like this, one can only look to more episodes of “Piano City.” Yea, it looks like the friends are just starting out. A new initiative but one that we think has got prospects of success. It may be counted an addition to their “ Balcony Mixes.”

Major League was formerly a hip hop band. Along the line the group had veered into the world of amapiano. At the outset, it faced severe criticisms, with many describing their works as imitation of works by Kabza De Small.

The years have passed and the brothers have since earned respect in the genre, with many looking forward to their “ Balcony Mixes” every Friday. The song in review might not be a balcony mix, but it’s got great entertainment value nonetheless.

In fact, Major League – Piano City Ft. Sir Trill (S1 EP01) is potent enough for fans to look forward to more episodes.

Well, what do you think of Major League’s “Piano City (S1 EP01)” with and how would you rate it? Do you see yourself vibing with this number all day?

Major League – Piano City Ft. Sir Trill (S1 EP01)

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