Makhadzi Drops “Rema” Ft. DJ Call Me & Mizo Phyll

Makhadzi Drops “Rema” Ft. DJ Call Me & Mizo Phyll

Delectable songstress Makhadzi treats fans to a new single titled “Rema” in collaboration with pals DJ Call Me and Mizo Phyll.

It is the first collaborative single we’ve heard from the troika this month, and it is charming enough for us to want to see them release another collaborative work. We are confident your experience will be the same.

“Rema” appears to be one of two singles released simultaneously. Yes, another song of hers, “NoFura,” appears to have been released at the same time. Both should hold great appeal to her fans. They are good, the songs.

With the release of “Rema,” it appears Makhadzi would not be held back by romours of an affair with serial collaborator Master KG. It has being rumoured she is having a baby with the “Skeleton Move” hitmaker, a claim she denies.

Well, true or false, the music continues for Makhadzi, the listening continues for her fans, and the writing continues for us. Sounds like democracy. Lol. Go ahead and have the best of this “Rema” moment, people.

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