Mandisa Nduna (ZuluMecca) Releases Her New Single “Dominion”

Super talented singer and actor, Mandisa Nduna is back with a new song titled “Dominion”.

She released the new song with her music name “ZuluMecca”. The singer did so well on the formation of the lyrics to a mid solemn beat. Being a talented actor, she showed her alter ego side and we are loving it. She took to her social media page to promote the new song.

Listen to the song below;

Mandisa Nduna is one of the top notch actress in South Africa, who has never been shy to showcase her sexuality, happily married to her partner, she has been able to touch a lot of issues ranging fro South African Hip hop artiste and their big life of lies to the cost of being a black woman in the world. Now diversifying into music shows the versatile nature of the actor and she did well in her delivery.

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