Mashbeatz & Thato Saul – If You Know, You Know (IYKYK) Mixtape

Mzansi pals Mashbeatz and Saul link up for a new project dubbed “If You Know, You Know (IYKYK) Mixtape,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment. 

The title of this Mixtape has an unapologetic street energy to it. If you think the energy stops there, then you’re mistaken. It spills right into the tracks, and you’re going to love it. 

Prior to the ring lease of the Mixtape, Mashbeatz and Saul had released “Sa Tepa,” and Mashbeatz himself had asked fan to look forward to the Mixtape. 

In retrospect, it hasn’t been a waste of time, as the two friends have put up a compilation that will excite peeps beyond the orbit of hip hop. The 11 tracks album features Maglara Doe Boy and Skidi with production credits from Beatshoven.


NO Title Artist Time
1 WILLIAM MBATHA MashBeatz & Saul 3:20
2 THE HEAT MashBeatz & Saul 3:27
3 RIGHT NOW MashBeatz & Saul 2:14
4 BYOR BO DESE (feat. Maglera Doe Boy) MashBeatz & Saul 3:08
5 TABLES TURN MashBeatz & Thato Saul 2:52
6 FLOWERS MashBeatz & Thato Saul 3:02
7 IT’S NOTHING MashBeatz & Thato Saul 3:26
8 NO TIME MashBeatz & Thato Saul 2:23
9 SA TEPA MashBeatz & Thato Saul 2:20
10 IF I DIE TODAY MashBeatz & Thato Saul 3:05
11 BAGGAGE CLAIM (feat. Skidi) MashBeatz & Thato Saul 5:09

To listen to the project is to want to listen to it again and to look forward to another noint work from the two. They’re good together. 

What do you think of Mashbeatz & Thato Saul’s “If You Know, You Know (IYKYK) Mixtape” and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to stream the Mixtape below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. 


MashBeatz & Thato Saul

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2021-07-09
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 11

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