Master A Flat – ‎All We Want (ft. Tazzy)

Master A Flat drops debut song "All We Want" featuring Tazzy

Master A Flat dishes his debut song “All We Want” featuring Tazzy.

Sometimes, a man has got to let his entire talent shine and show the world all that there is to him. AKA’s in-house producer, Master A Flat who he says he records all his songs with is taking a step out all on his own.

The talented muso just dropped what’s said to be his debut song. The song is titled “All We Want” and features contributions from Tazzy. Apparently the two worked closely with each other on this one. According to the talented producer, he told most of his story to Tazzy who understood him and helped him create the masterpiece.

Anyone who hears the song would definitely think it sounds familiar because it sounds exactly like something he would create. Sharing the song’s release, he revealed he taught himself to play the piano which has really worked out for him following his works.

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