Matthew Mole – Honey, I’m Home

Matthew Mole drops new song "Honey, I'm Home"

Matthew Mole drops brand new song tagged “Honey, I’m Home”.

If anyone is a performer at heart, then it’s popular Mzansi artist, Matthew Mole. If you know him, you’d know he gets a kick off performing his music to people. It feels even more real and personal that way.

For as long as we’ve known him and his music, he has registered himself in our heads. With many amazing releases like “Take Yours”, “Running After You”, “You Are Loved”, Matthew continues to amass fans to himself. This time around, he’s giving more to his fans.

The singer is set to deliver an EP titled “Honey, I’m Home”. According to him, it would be more of a series of live performances, online. He kicked it off with the first release which is the title track of the upcoming EP. The song was released after he performed it online. It was streamed via his social media channels.

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