Mbuso de Mbazo – Boarding School Piano Reshuffle Album

Amapiano producer Mbuso de Mbazo returns with a new project dubbed “Boarding School Piano Reshuffle” album, which you can stream here on UbetToo, your go-to place for all things South African music.

This compilation contains exactly 13 tracks, and it is just as rich in guests. Some of South Africa’s notable voices were co-opted. Lady Du, Mr. Sgozi, London SA, Sphola G, Msenkanee, and Zwane 102 are among those who made the cut.

The amapiano genre is pretty new in South Africa’s music universe. The newness notwithstanding, it has managed to push its way to the very top, attracting musicians from other genres. Now, many see it as the in-thing in South Africa.

Well, whatever your verdict on that, if you have been paying attention, you should already know that Mbusi de Mabazo is actually one of those memorable voices in the space—a singer you listen to and want to hear from again.

While we do not consider this album to be his finest to date, there’s no denying the lyrical power embedded in the project. We expect you to have a good time with the project, whether you’re into the genre of expression or not.

Let the music begin if you please.

Mbuso de Mbazo – Boarding School Piano Reshuffle Album


  1. Mbuso de Mbazo, Mr Sgozi & Sphola G – Anim’ Khuzeni (feat. Miss Jae & Sammie)
  2. Mbuso de Mbazo & Lady Du – Thiba
  3. Mbuso de Mbazo, Mr Sgozi & Sphola G – Habe
  4. Mbuso de Mbazo, Mr Sgozi & Sphola G – Uhamba Ngani
  5. Mbuso de Mbazo, Lady Du & Siphosomething – Ling Ling
  6. Mbuso de Mbazo & Tumelo – Push Phande
  7. Mbuso de Mbazo & Lady Du – Asambe (feat. Mr Sgozi)
  8. Mbuso de Mbazo & London SA – Mkhovu (feat. Sphola G & Mr Sgozi)
  9. Mbuso de Mbazo – Xigubhu (feat. Zwane 102 & Sesh)
  10. Mbuso de Mbazo – Uhamba Noban’ (feat. Mr Sgozi, Sphola G & Nator Wethu)
  11. Mbuso de Mbazo & Sphola G – Stance (feat. Msenkanee)
  12. Mbuso de Mbazo – Gusheshe (feat. Msenkanee & Zwane 102)
  13. Mbuso de Mbazo, Mr Sgozi & Sphola G – My Lord (feat. Nator Wethu)

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