Mcdeez Fboy & DrummeRTee924 – WOZA WOZA ft. Phigow Jrd

WOZA WOZA: A Cool New Piano Offering

Emerging artists, Mcdeez Fboy and DrummeRTee924, have announced the release of their much-anticipated single “WOZA WOZA,” featuring acclaimed musician Phigow Jrd. This musical masterpiece landed on the airwaves today, and is published under the prestigious Sixxtune Africa (Pty) Ltd.

“WOZA WOZA”, a non-explicit 6-minute track is expected to garner immense attention from the music industry. Mcdeez Fboy and DrummeRTee924, known for their powerful lyrics and remarkable ability to blend varied music styles, have truly outdone themselves with this newest release. Their collaboration with Phigow Jrd, a prominent figure in music, further magnifies the appeal of this single.

The jam successfully weaves in elements of pop, dance and house music, and is predicated to be an instant hit on music charts globally. Both artists have creatively used their distinct musical backgrounds to bring to life a song that transcends genres and bridges gaps.

Over the years, Mcdeez Fboy and DrummeRTee924 have consistently challenged the status quo with their experimental approach to music. “WOZA WOZA” is equally groundbreaking, carrying a profound message of unity, love, and celebration of life, encapsulated within its catchy beats and fervent lyrics.

Phigow Jrd’s contribution is also notable; his vocal expertise lends an additional layer of depth to the track, making “WOZA WOZA” a must-listen for enthusiasts of innovative music.

Social media circles are buzzing with excitement over this release, and have been flooded with praises for the trio’s outstanding collaborative efforts. Whether you’re a fan of these talents or a music junkie looking for a new addition to your playlist, “WOZA WOZA” may soon become your latest favorite track. This launch undeniably marks a significant moment in the musical journeys of Mcdeez Fboy, DrummeRTee924, and Phigow Jrd.

WOZA WOZA (feat. Phigow Jrd) – Single

Artist: Mcdeez Fboy & DrummeRTee924
Genres: Dance
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 1
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Sixxtune Africa (Pty) Ltd


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 WOZA WOZA (feat. Phigow Jrd) Mcdeez Fboy & DrummeRTee924 6:07 Released


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