Mcebisi King Ryder – Sondela Skhulume Ft. Mduduzi Ncube & Mr Chozen

“Sondela Skhulume,” croons Mcebisi King Ryder in a new bop featuring and Mr Chozen.

Here is another instance when we just want to shake our heads at a musician’s failure to grasp stand out from the pack – cut an identity that’s unique and at least almost instantly memorable. Imagine being a young musician and having an adopted stage name that is lost in search, that turns up stuffs unrelated to you and in localities that you’re not even conversant with.

Anyway, “Sondela Skhulume” isn’t bad as a song. And to the credit of the musicians behind it, their verses didn’t end up quarrelling on the beat. The beat and flow and evidently seamless.

That said, Mcebisi King Ryder has to find a way to stand out. And it might begin with a name change. Well, we invite you to enjoy the music for all it’s worth. Come on!

Mcebisi King Ryder – Sondela Skhulume Ft. Mduduzi Ncube &

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