Mduduzi – Langa Linye Ft. Zakwe & Zamo Cofi

Inkabi Records musician Mduduzi croons “Langa Linye” alongside associates Zakwe and Zamo Cofi. It’s the first time we have heard all three on the same number. But that’s not a complaint.

Mduduzi and his pals made a great team and it’s a great pleasure listening to them together.

Prior to the release of the song, Big Zulu, who owns the record label to which Mduduzi is signed, had released a teaser on Instagram, clung fans in on what to expect. Mduduzi had done the same.

With the release of the full song, we can tell you for free that the wait wasn’t a waste. Fans had to tarry a bit before hearing what the muso and his pals had cooked, all right, but it’s sumptuous, the song. In a sense, it’s a meeting of the old and the new. Mduduzi and Zamo Cofi are pretty new on the music scene compared to Zakwe, a veteran.

Anyway, and as should be apparent presently, the three make a great team and I’s hard not to want to see them link up again. Well, until another drop, we’re sticking to the winner on the table – and that’s “Langa Linye.” Go ock that number.

Mduduzi – Langa Linye Ft. Zakwe & Zamo Cofi

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