Mellow & Sleazy & Chley Nkosi – Mali Ft. Dinky Kunene & Sirius

It’s Mellow & Sleazy again! Come on, that’s not a complaint. On the contrary, we are happy to announce that the duo has released a new jam in collaboration with friends and associates. Titled “Mali,” the number has Chley Nkosi as the other lead and Dinky Kunene and Sirius as guests.

Call this a local meeting of champions, and you will be on point. The good thing is that they lived up to their epaulettes. This isn’t a case of they might be able to do well as a tram. They are not only good musicians, but they were also actually splendid working together on this song.

Mellow & Sleazy is a band of two that has been spitting hot numbers for some time now, and they are, clearly, not stopping anytime soon. Chley Nkosi is a solo artist and charming on just about any beat. The guests on this song, Dinky Kunene and Sirius, are themselves solo artists and good at what they do. One of them, Dinky, recently released a single and is gearing up to release a new album that somewhat references her name.

Well, it’s all good for those who are good and those ready to help themselves to “Mali.”

Mellow & Sleazy & Chley Nkosi – Mali Ft. Dinky Kunene & Sirius

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