Mellow & Sleazy & Myztro – Waya Waya (Areyeng Ke Game)

For their latest hit “Waya Waya”, , the South African boy band has teamed up with veteran Myztro. Although this isn’t their first collaboration, it’s certainly one of the most memorable. This track is a masterful showcase of the amapiano style, and listeners will be singing along long after the song ends.

two young artists, have established a reputation for themselves through their consistent performances. Myztro delivers a great performance with the duo. Although the title “Waya Waya” sounds scary, it conveys the message that you must embrace reality and not run from it. It tackles a serious topic with a catchy beat that makes it stand out in the amapiano category.

, arguably one of the fastest-rising group of musicians from South Africa, have been a major source of musical talent in recent year. Their music combines traditional African beats and modern electronic elements to create a captivating sound.  are clearly on the right track with “Waya Waya” and other successes.

Mellow & Sleazy’s “Waya Waya” is a great new release for fans of amapiano and those just starting to discover the genre. This song is a testimony to the creative energy that South Africa’s music scene continues to flourish and will be a huge hit with fans around the globe.

Mellow & Sleazy & Myztro – Waya Waya (Areyeng Ke Game)

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