Metro CMG – Where The Danger Is Ft. Trevor Smith & Mas Musiq

He considers himself a gangster rapper but still hasn’t recognized the importance of promoting himself on his and other channels. This is why, although he’s just released a song, the cover art of it is nowhere to be found on his Instagram page.

Yáll should meet Metro CMG and his new song, “Where The Danger Is,” which has Trevor Smith and as guests. While we are okay looking away from unnecessary errors in music release and promotion, we also ask y’all to check out the song the champ has released in collaboration with his associates.

While we do not consider this to be the finest song we have listened to so far, it’s yet a number worth hearing. So you can make a space for it on your playlist without qualms. Wouldn’t you rather do that right away? Best believe you’re in for an invigorating musical experience.

Metro CMG – Where The Danger Is ft. Trevor Smith &

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