MFR Souls & T-MAN SA – Crush Yami Ft. Gugu

MFR Souls & T-MAN SA – Crush Yami Ft. Gugu

South Africa’s music collective MFR Souls links up with compatriot T Mans SA for a song titled “Crush Yami,” featuring Gugu.

In case you don’t already – or somehow just missed it – the month is February and the season of love is right in the corner.

And MFR Souls is determined it should be a memorable one for lovers or those in love who want to express their ardor to the objects of their affection. So they offered “Crush Yami” for whoever cares about the season.

With this song, you may as well assume that Valentine’s Day is here already. This deeply moving number has the potential to charm that on for whom your soul beats. So you shouldn’t feel shy about firing the lyrics at someone you love.

“Crush Yami” rings amapiano, all right, but this number will certainly appeal to lovers of other genres as well. As long as you’re not averse to the message of love and are in for a good time, you should love this drop.

Easily one of the key groups in South Africa’s amapiano universe, MFR Souls have just given fans across Mzansi new reasons to check out their musical offerings. Hello, loves, Valentine is here!

MFR Souls & T-MAN SA – Crush Yami Ft. Gugu

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