Mick Jenkins & Kojey Radical Collaborate On ‘Snakes’

Mick Jenkins & Kojey Radical release the hit song 'Snakes.'

It seems like a long time since Chicago lyricist, Mick Jenkins, released ‘The Circus.’ ‘The Circus’ was widely-acclaimed as a brilliant and authentic piece of work.

Mick Jenkins is back again with a new single titled ‘Snakes.’ Mick is no doubt a great lyricist who has a good command of words and flowing syllables.

British rapper, Kojey Radical, also features on the hit single as he added great verses to the track.

The Chicago rapper opened the year with a full EP which was released in January. Thereafter, Mick toured across North America with EarthGang.

Mick released his debut album titled ‘The Healing Component’ in September 2016. In October 2018, he released ‘Pieces of a Man.

Mick Jenkins has hit tracks to his credit including ‘What Am I To Do,’ ‘Padded Locks,’ ‘Smoking Song,’ ‘Spread Love,’ ‘Dehydration,’ ‘Consensual Seduction,’ just to mention a few.

Listen to Mick Jenkins’s ‘Snakes’ and share your thoughts. Stream/download here.


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