Mkoma Saan – Shubato Ft. Musa Sasar

Mkoma Saan hits hard with “Shubato,” a collaborative song with Musa Sasar. The track brings together two local musicians who happen to share a great musical connection.

Mkoma Saan is clearly yet to realize the importance of sharing a song’s cover art and hyping the song before release. There’s no real cover at for his new song on his Instagram profile.

Anyway, “Shubato,” which rings amapiano, will probably get fans nodding approbation in no time. It’s a song by which the lead singer makes a formal appearance in our orbit. He’d previously popped on here as the sole guest on Mukosi’s “Ndia Lila.”

He returns with a number that, although amapiano, will easily appeal to audiences beyond the genre. So if you have a catholic taste in music, you may want to look in the direction of the song he has just released in collaboration with his pal. We’re confident you’re going to love it. Come on!

Well, what do you think of Mkomaa Saan’s “Shubato” song with Musa Sasar and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Mkoma Saan – Shubato Ft. Musa Sasar

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