Mlindo The Vocalist – Emacin Guitar

Mlindo The Vocalist comes through with a brand new song titled “Emacin Guitar”.

Just when we thought he wouldn’t blow our minds more than he already has, Mlindo The Vocalist does it again. The singer has not only made DJ Sbu proud with his success, he has also made huge fans out of the most of us with his amazing music.

Truly, following the singer’s music is practically the beginning of musical wisdom. This year he made us smile with the funny release of “Valentine Is Coming”, then later on, he followed it with the proposed song “Yekela”.

“Yekela” was quite impressive, and got great reviews from fans. He has since promoted the song on both the radio and social media. Now, he has come through with a brand new one which he calls “Emacin Guitar”. Dont worry, we won’t spoil it for you, we will just let you decide how interesting the new song is.

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