Mnqobi Nxumalo – Lizokhala

Join us for a break as we listen to Mnqobi Nxumalo’s song “Lizokhala.”

It’s the first we’ve heard from the songster this week but we’re all for it. The for this should  be apparent presently. “Lizokhala” is not just another number but one with noticeable spiritual force.

“Lizokhala” by Mnqobi Nxumalo might provoke spiritual alertness in the Christian, so it is one song to have if you desire not to sleep at your post in the army of Christ.

The song is potent and one just about anyone interested in music will want to check out, Christian or not.

If you care to take a break with music this Friday, it wouldn’t hurt to have “Lizokhala” as part of your playlist. The song will prime you for greater service in Christ. You gotta listen to this number which comes recommended by us. The gospel break may as well begin right away.

Well, what do you think of “Lizokhala” by Mnqobi Nxumalo and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You may want to stream and download the song below and join the conversation y dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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