Mnqobi Yazo Premieres “Impi” Album

Mnqobi Yazo is back with a new body of work titled “Impi” album. The songster had promised the song on October 30 and kept his promise.”Impi” is a 2-track Afro-pop compilation beginnig with “Zulu Omnyama” and ending with “Thongo Lami.” For a project of 20 tracks, the guest list is pretty thin, having just Musiholiq and Shwi Nomthekhala.

It is unknown why the songster should elect to aopt just too guests for a long compilation as this, which plays for an hour and eleven minuets. Anyway, one can’t have a serious quarrel with the body of work as a whole

Mnqobi Yazo Impi Tracklist

NO Title Artist Time
1 Zulu Omnyama Mnqobi Yazo 1:52
2 Impi Mnqobi Yazo 3:10
3 Memeza Mnqobi Yazo 3:00
4 uZulu Mnqobi Yazo 3:25
5 Emgodini (feat. Musiholiq) Mnqobi Yazo 4:16
6 KwaMkhize Mnqobi Yazo 3:24
7 Into Engihluphayo Mnqobi Yazo 1:38
8 Isigingci Mnqobi Yazo 3:32
9 Lubanzi Mnqobi Yazo 5:16
10 Uchuku Mnqobi Yazo 3:46
11 Sponkie (feat. Shwi Nomthekhala) Mnqobi Yazo 4:12
12 Happy Birthday Mnqobi Yazo 3:34
13 Feelings Mnqobi Yazo 1:32
14 Mzala Mnqobi Yazo 3:50
15 Inhlonipho Mnqobi Yazo 5:14
16 Amanz’amnyama Mnqobi Yazo 4:12
17 Thokoza Gogo Mnqobi Yazo 4:01
18 Ngakithi Mnqobi Yazo 3:38
19 Inkulu Lendaba (feat. Nobuhle) Mnqobi Yazo 3:53
20 Thongo Lami Mnqobi Yazo 4:02

Mnqobi Yazo has wooed us several times with his number. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that he should hold our attention with his latest body of work. “Impi” is an Afro-pop compilation well worth the time of lovers of genre – you might say lovers of good music.

The songster had taken his time with the project, and the finished product is quite respectable, a body of work you want to embrace over and over.

Well, what do you think of “Impi” by Mnqobi Yazo? You might want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


Mnqobi Yazo

  • Genre: Afro-Pop
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-10-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 20
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