Mobi Dixon – TEKA

Mobi Dixon's "TEKA": A Dancefloor Revolution

Mobi Dixon, the multi-platinum selling and award-winning DJ and Music Producer, has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, “TEKA”. The track, which officially dropped on September 29, is already creating ripples in the music industry, showcasing a unique blend of broken beat Afro Tech with a dancefloor instrumental twist.

Mabi Ntuli, better known by his stage name Mobi Dixon, has infused “TEKA” with a vocal chop, revealing another layer of his multifaceted talent. This addition not only adds depth to the track but also showcases Mobi Dixon’s vocal prowess, a side of him that fans might not have been familiar with.

The track’s sound is distinct, employing a 3-Step approach that resonates with the emerging subgenre in the music world. “TEKA”, which translates to “TAKE” in the South African native language, XiTsonga, offers listeners a fresh and unique sound to relish.

Mobi Dixon shared his enthusiasm about the release, stating, “I want my fans and new followers to hear TEKA and understand my current vision. The production work and meaning behind TEKA as a whole is special. It’s been a transformative journey to bring this vision to life.”

“TEKA” is not just another track; it’s a musical experience. The song boasts a pulsating log drum, which adds a powerful undertone, and its midrange energy is palpable. The inclusion of synth work elevates the tribal jam, giving it an international flair that has the potential to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Beyond the music, Mobi Dixon is making waves on the global stage. He’s currently embarking on an extensive world tour, which kicked off in South Africa. The tour will see him performing in various countries, including China, Mexico, USA, South Korea, and the Netherlands. With “TEKA”, Mobi Dixon aims to further his international reach, all while championing South African music on the global map.

However, while “TEKA” is a commendable piece, it’s essential to note that the track might not cater to all. The heavy reliance on Afro Tech elements might not resonate with everyone, especially those unfamiliar with the genre. Additionally, while the vocal chops are a unique touch, they might come off as repetitive to some listeners.

In essence, “TEKA” is a testament to Mobi Dixon’s growth as an artist and his commitment to pushing boundaries in the music industry. It’s a track that promises to get feet tapping and hearts racing, all while offering a fresh sound that’s distinctly Mobi Dixon.


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