MONSTA X Premieres Mini Album Vol. 11 – SHAPE of LOVE — Listen

Korean pop collective Monsta X returns with old energy, treating fans to an exciting collection that just about any music lover would be at home with. 

The group brings fans its 11th mini-album titled “Shape of Love.” There is so much embedded in that title, including the group’s predilection for love themes. 

The album begins on a “Love” note, and then the listener finds the collective “Burning Up” in a new song featuring associate R3HAB. Other tracks in the compilation include “Breathe,” “Wildfire,” “[Korean Word] ,” and, well, “AND.” 

In all, the compilation bears six songs that play for precisely 19 minutes and 20 seconds — not too long and certainly not too short.

At any rate, time wouldn’t count for much when you’re rocking this compilation. There’s so much locked within these songs that you’d probably not notice as time flies while you vibe to them. 

Monsta X may have been on the music scene for years, but they have only just popped into our orbit. And they have given us reason to look out for numbers from them.

If, like us, you love a wonderful time and sonic salvation, you may want to look in the direction of what this group has created. You should love it, really.

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