MÖRDA & DJ Zinhle – Only God (feat. Dr Moruti)

MÖRDA Collaborates with DJ Zinhle and Dr. Moruti on "Only God"

South African music scene witnesses yet another sensational release as MÖRDA teams up with the renowned DJ Zinhle and the talented Dr. Moruti to drop their latest track, “Only God”. This collaboration has been eagerly anticipated by fans, and the trio did not disappoint.

The song “Only God” is not just another track on the list; it holds the second position in MÖRDA’s remarkable 12-track project titled “ASANTE II”. This placement itself speaks volumes about the significance and the expectations tied to this particular song. MÖRDA, known for his exceptional musical abilities and artistic vision, has once again showcased his prowess in this track.

What makes “Only God” stand out is the seamless blending of three distinct musical talents. DJ Zinhle, a name synonymous with hits in the South African music industry, brings her unique touch to the track. Dr. Moruti, with his vast experience and musical genius, adds depth and richness to the song.

The song has been described as a musical masterpiece, with each artist delivering their best, creating a harmonious and impactful sound. The early reactions from fans and critics alike suggest that “Only God” is set to be a chart-topper and a favorite in playlists across the country.

As MÖRDA continues his musical journey with the release of “ASANTE II”, tracks like “Only God” reaffirm his position as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. With collaborations like this, the South African music scene is set for a treat, and fans can only expect more stellar releases in the future.

Only God

From the Album “ASANTE II”, the Trio Delivers a Musical Masterpiece

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