Mellow & Sleazy & LeeMckrazy – Chomami!

Mellow & Sleazy Collaborate with LeeMckrazy on "Chomami!"

Mellow & Sleazy & LeeMckrazy – Chomami!

In a thrilling collaboration, Amapiano artists Mellow & Sleazy have teamed up with LeeMckrazy to release a new track titled “Chomami!” The song, which has been making rounds on YouTube, showcases the artists’ prowess in the Amapiano genre, a popular South African house music style.

The trio’s synergy is evident in “Chomami!”, with each artist bringing their unique flair to the track. The beats are infectious, and the vocals are catchy, making it a song that listeners can’t help but dance to. The collaboration between Mellow, Sleazy, and LeeMckrazy is a testament to the evolving Amapiano scene, with artists continuously pushing boundaries and delivering fresh sounds.

As “Chomami!” continues to gain popularity, fans eagerly await more collaborations from these talented artists. The song serves as a reminder of the rich musical talent in South Africa and the ever-growing global appeal of the Amapiano genre.