Sbuda Maleather – Qobetsa Sii

Join us for an interesting music break as we listen to Sbuda Maleather’s “Qobetsa Sii” song. The number had no guests, But that’s by the way. The songster managed to put together a number worth the playtime, and we are sure that you would love every minute of listening to it.

If you are drawn to the adopted stage name, you are not alone, But rest assured that the track this musician has put together is in no way leathery. Not at all. On the e contrary, before you is a number with a seamless flow and one that washes through your spirit like champagne.

Now, who wouldn’t want to experience a song of that appeal? Of course, “Qobetsa Sii” is not the finest drop from the songster yet. But the number is still potent enough to take a spot among his prominent releases so far this year. Go and check it out.

Qobetsa Sii

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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