Mr Brown Drops Thandolwami Nguwe Featuring Makhadzi & Zanda Zakuza

Mr Brown may be said to have pulled off a musical coup with his “Thandolwami Nguwe” song featuring Makhadzi & Zanda Zakuza.

When you have Makhadzi and Zanda Zakuza on the same song, you know you are in for an electrifying musical journey. The two artistes are related in a sense, and darn good together.

Makhadzi, a Venda artiste, is one-girl girlfriend to Master KG with whom Zanda Zakuza has collaborated a couple of times, including on the hit “Skeleton Move.” There you have the link between them.

It is unknown why Mr Brown co-opted Zanda Zakuza and Makhadzi on “Thandolwami Nguwe,” but we can tell you right away that the choice of both is excellent. The pair has got great musical synergy and delivered their bars admirably.

“Thandolwami Nguwe” might not be the song of the moment in Mzansi, but we rate it among the songs you should check out this weekend – referring to songs in all genres.

How would you rate “Thandolwami Nguwe,” though? Is it a song to retain on a playlist right into a new week? You might want to check out the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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