Mr Crown – Don’t Go Away ft. Yo Maps

Rising Star Mr Crown Teams Up with Yo Maps in "Don't Go Away"

November 2023 witnessed the Zambian music scene light up with the release of “Don’t Go Away,” a collaborative masterpiece between the emerging star Mr Crown and the renowned artist Yo Maps. Mr Crown, known for his promising talent, has marked this track as his significant release for the month, captivating the audience with his unique artistry and engaging melodies. Featuring Yo Maps, a top-notch artist under Olio’s Record, the song is not just a blend of voices but a harmony of rhythms that speak volumes of love and plea.

From Monze, a town renowned for its rich musical talent, Mr Crown steps into the limelight with “Don’t Go Away,” showcasing his adept songwriting skills and fluency in Tonga, a language that adds a unique cultural texture to his music. The collaboration with Yo Maps, an award-winning superstar, is a significant milestone in Mr Crown’s music journey, highlighting a blend of traditional vibes with contemporary sounds. This love tune is expected to captivate and resonate with fans across Zambia and beyond, marking another successful stride in the careers of both artists​.

“Don’t Go Away” not only emphasizes Mr Crown’s vocal and lyrical prowess but also Yo Maps’ versatility in adapting to different music styles. Together, they create a track that is both soulful and rhythmic, making it a perfect addition to the playlists of those who appreciate music that touches the heart. As the Zambian music industry continues to evolve, collaborations like these are a testament to the dynamic and diverse talent the country has to offer​.

The release of “Don’t Go Away” is not just a momentary highlight but a significant contribution to Zambia’s rich music tapestry, promising to elevate the profiles of both Mr Crown and Yo Maps. As fans and music enthusiasts await more from these artists, the track stands as a beacon of collaboration, creativity, and cultural pride in the Zambian music scene.

Don’t Go Away

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