Mr JazziQ – All You Need Is Piano 2 Album

Mr. JazziQ Unveils "All You Need Is Piano 2" Album

South African Amapiano sensation, Mr. JazziQ, has once again graced the music scene with the release of his latest album, “All You Need Is Piano 2.” The album, which was officially launched on October 27, 2023, has been met with widespread acclaim, solidifying Mr. JazziQ’s position as a dominant force in the Amapiano genre.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, Mr. JazziQ’s dedication to his craft is evident in this latest offering. The album showcases his signature beats, harmonies, and collaborations with other renowned artists. Available on platforms like Apple Music, fans can delve into the nine tracks that reveal the depths of JazziQ’s mysterious and captivating side.

The album’s announcement earlier in February 2023 had fans eagerly awaiting its release. While some critics pointed out that Mr. JazziQ had not scored a major hit the previous year, the release of “All You Need Is Piano 2” has certainly turned the tables, with many hailing it as one of the best albums of the year.

Music platforms have highlighted the album’s release, emphasizing its potential to become a chart-topping success. As the tracks continue to gain traction, it’s clear that “All You Need Is Piano 2” is set to leave a lasting mark on the Amapiano music scene.

All You Need Is Piano 2

South African Amapiano Maestro Returns with a Bang


# Track Name Artists Duration
1 Hamba naye (feat. Pcee, Justin99, MaTen & Jandas) Mr JazziQ 6:05
2 Chants of Moza (feat. Star Kay & JazzaMusiq) Mr JazziQ & Djy Biza 5:30
3 Tsetse (feat. Nobantu Vilakazi & Kay Invictus) Mr JazziQ 5:48
4 Elastic Mr JazziQ & Kabza De Small 6:13
5 Teabag (feat. Mr. Nation Thingz, Lemaza, Jayden Lanii & Jandas) Mr JazziQ 6:14
6 Winner (feat. Kkeda & Napster) Mr JazziQ & Jay Music 6:03
7 Baya Hlanya Mr JazziQ & Offcixl RSA 6:09
8 Oh Shit (feat. F3 Dipapa) Mr JazziQ, Djy Biza & Justin99 6:39
9 Hercules Mr JazziQ & Royal Musiq 6:00


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