Mr Smeg – Martinez Ft. Fury Mdlalose

South African disc jockey and producer Mr. Smeg presents a new number titled “Martinez” in collaboration with his associate Fury Mdlalose. The two did great as a team, as you’ll find out presently.

“Martinez” sounds like the name of a bloke, and from just that alone, before listening to the number itself, one might come up with the thought that the number is addressed to someone. But is it? We would rather leave you to find out.

We are sure you would love every moment of listening to the number, however. He who finds the good in everyone and describes everyone out there as “beautiful” surely has no problem with “Martinez.” You wouldn’t either. Lol.

It’s about time you kicked away your shoes and rolled with this song. There is no room for boring breaks, and we wouldn’t even allow you to embrace the drab if you wanted to. Go ahead and embrace “Martinez.”

Mr Smeg – Martinez Ft. Fury Mdlalose

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