MsSupa Gives A Public Service Announcement Alongside Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie And Nelz On P.S.A (Remix)

MsSupa drops "P.S.A Remix" Featuring Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie, and Nelz

MsSupa finally releases “P.S.A” remix featuring Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie, and Nelz.

A while ago, female Mzansi rapper, MsSupa stole the show when she made a big “Public Service Announcement” to all of South Africa and spoke her mind. Later on, she announced she wasn’t done announcing and revealed that a couple of fierce females would be joining her to speak their minds too.

Finally, on board her P.S.A remix track are hard hitters, Gigi Lamayne, Moozlie and Nelz, all of whom have got something to say. There’s nothing better than a couple of female emcees dishing greatness to the world as one. There’s no better way this remix could have been done than this.

All three featured acts have been working hard this year and making big moves with their music. We are hoping to receive more features like this from them in the year, it is sort of empowering to see and hear.

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