Multi-instrumentalist, Singer/Songwriter – Choccy Chox Is Back With His Hot New Single, “Kiss Me Late At Night”

South Africa’s very own jack of all trades, Choccy Chox has dropped his hot new single titled, “Kiss Me Late At Night”. 


“Kiss Me Late At Night” is based on an experience when you meet someone that you never thought you would ever fall for. You end up spending all your time with her and it ends up being the best moments in your life and you know one day it will soon become a memory due to the fact that you both live in different cities,” 


Watch the “Kiss Me Late at Night” music video here –

 Choccy Chox is no stranger to the industry. This singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has always grown up with music around him. He explains, “My Dad was the keyboard player and lead member in a band named “Airborne”. Naturally, I gravitated towards learning how to play instruments. I went on to study and complete a Jazz Music Degree at UCT with the saxophone being my instrument of choice. This has taken me around the world performing and headlining many music festivals allowing me to truly live my passion,”. 


It might surprise fans to learn that back in school, he never thought music would become his career. “I always took music as a subject at school which allowed me to perform at an early age. It was only once I started writing pop songs that I surprised myself with two singles that reached #1 on Radio Charts shows when I realised that people actually like hearing me sing and perform my instruments. This is when I knew I was on the right career path,” 


“Kiss Me Late At Night” drops right off the back of his previous successful singles, “Fire” & “Fire (Remix)” which landed on some of the hottest stations across South Africa! You’ll be hearing more from Choccy Chox as he plans to release a lot more music in the near future, “Currently I am releasing my Album in a very unconventional way. This would be my first album and I’m so excited to share this journey with everyone. I’m also excited to be releasing my first solo song with an international artist,” 


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