Musa Keys, Nkulee501 & Skroef28 – Emsamu Ft. Dinky Kunene

South African musicians Musa Keys, Nkulee501 and Skroef28 link up for a new song dubbed “Emsamu,” with Kunene as the sole guest on it.

It’s a meeting of artists of disparate interests, yet, they managed to put together a number that will resonate with many musicians out there. So, if you consider yourself a lover of good music, then tag along.

is delightful with the mic, and he serves a fun verse here. His associates  Nkulee501 and Skroef28 were just as good on “Emsamu.” Kunene taking the feature position shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been following the singer’s career trajectory.

She’s high in demand as a guest artist, and for a good reason – always, there’s soul to her singing and a musical that is as once arresting and pleasurable.

Anyway, it’s time to have the “Emsamu” experience – a time for music that empowers the soul. Come on!

Musa Keys, Nkulee501 & Skroef28 – Emsamu Ft. Kunene

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