Mzekezeke – Tembisa

Mzekezeke – Tembisa

Time might be unapologetic in its flight, but at least one thing is clear: People are more likely to remember a tune that resonates with them years after it was released. This is the reality with Mzekezeke’s “Tembisa” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

The number was released years ago as part of the masked musician’s “Storotoro” album. It might have been over a decade since that project, but clearly, fans still have a thing for it.

Perhaps Mzekezeke’s enigma as a masked musician is the reason for it all. We cannot tell for certain. Anyway, you are welcome to check out the number and find out for yourself what has ignited a new interest in it.

The track makes an interesting listening experience, so rest assured that you are in for a memorable time with this one. GO ahead and tap the play button and let the good times begin. No qualms.