Nasty C – I’m Sorry

Nasty C releases new song "I'm Sorry" off the Lost Files Visual EP

Listen to Nasty C’s brand new song titled “I’m Sorry” off the Lost Files Visual EP.

If you were Nasty C, you’d definitely be feeling on top of the world and have so much to brag about. The rapper has been in the news a lot this week for his back and forth with DJ but he’s recently blown minds with his recently released EP.

For the first time, Nasty performed a bunch of unreleased music for his fans to enjoy. According to him, artists haven’t seen their fans in a while so this is needful. Some of the songs on the new visual EP are either unfinished ones, forgotten, or songs that didn’t make cuts.

This new one “I’m Sorry” sounds really honest. He talks about being haunted by some of the hearts he broke in the past. He ends up saying he’s sorry to them all.


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