Nasty C Presents “Palm Trees” From “Zulu Man With Some Power Album” | Listen

The “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty C leads fans under the “Palm Trees” of his musical gifts, thrilling them with beats so grand and rapturous.

“Palm Trees” is track 16 in the imminent “Zulu Man With Some Power” album. That body of work comprises 20 tracks in all. It has been slated for release 28 August 2020. Already, though, tracks like “They Don’t” “Eazy,”and “There They Go” have been released from the compilation.

On the strength of those songs and the most recent release – “Palm Trees” – one might say the compilation will be explosive. At any rate, we love what we have listened to so far and are confident as a whole the compilation will not embarrass our expectations.

“Palm Trees” is pretty magical, taking you into a world of robust rap energy – a world to be in, and a world to apprise others of. You gotta pause a minute, then, and let the Coolest Kid in Africa treat you to the shade of his musical gifts presented in this song.

How would you rate “Palm Trees” by Nasty C? Is it something you can vibe with all day? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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