Nathi – Imimoya

Afrosoul ace Nathi goes "Imimoya" in a new bop that truly resonates

Nathi opened up a soulful universe with a new number dubbed “Imimoya,” which you can stream here on Ubetoo, South Africa’s premier music and entertainment hub.

You might not see Nathi as the name that buzzes all over the place and all the time, but the musician can easily snag attention when he drops anything. There is great soul to his singing, and his numbers speak to as many as would listen.

“Imimoya” is no different. While do not see the track as the finest drop from his orbit, the track is nonetheless a winner on many levels. It should be your pleasure to find out for yourself the powers embedded in the track.

left to us, we would tell you that there are no boring bends to what Nathi has just served. Go ahead, then, and lap up this number for all it is worth. Come on, peeps!


Nathi - Imimoya (Official Music Video)

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