Ndloh Jnr – Obay’Zolo Ft. Daliwonga & Dreamteam

Ndloh Jnr erupts with a new jam titled “Obay’Zolo,” featuring associates Daliwonga and Dreamteam. Local champs have brought something charming, so you’re in for a good time. But are you ready to just let go and allow this song to massage your soul?

It’s been a while since we shared something from Ndloh Jnr. But then the songster shows with his latest collaborative jam that he isn’t music rusty. Yeah. Not only did he promise a delightful time, but he also gave just that.

So, no qualms. His choice of Daliwonga and Dreamteam is not something we have a quarrel with. In fact, they worked well together, leaving the listener with no option but to nod along and even ask for more a la Oliver Twist.

There’s no promise of more yet. But then there’s still a sterling tune to hold on to if they don’t link up again.

“Obay’Zolo” is a tune of great sonic appeal that will delight just about any lover of good music out there. So, whether you’re a house nut, a rap buff, or whatever, so long as you’re prepared to open your mind to this song, you should have a wonderful time.

That time begins now, peeps.

Ndloh Jnr – Obay’Zolo Ft. Daliwonga & Dreamteam

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