Ndlovu Youth Choir – Homeless

The Ndlovu Youth Choir releases a brand new song titled “Homeless”.

The lockdown has led to an increase in music creation and releases. It is very obvious that artists have no choice but to make music to inspire their fans. Shout out to the Ndlovu Youth Choir for keeping up the pace and also delivering.

Last time we saw them, they had an agenda to inspire their fans to get vaccinated. They released the song “Jaba Jaba”. It encouraged people to get the vaccine so we can all party again. They have also dropped the impressive album “Rise”.

Now, they’re back now with another amazing song. This new one is titled “Homeless”. As usual, their vocal delivery in the song is second to none. The song is off the “Rise” album. Simply stream and download the song below to listen. Also share your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments section.

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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