Nelz Croons eStyleni Ft. Nadia Nakai

Nelz presents a new tune titled “eStyleni,” with Family Tree rapper Nadia Nakai as the sole guest. On the track, both artistes made great companions.

“eStyleni” is a song for all, style buffs or not. In her choice of Nadia Nakai, Nelz deserves commendation in that the two of them are markedly good together. You may as well imagine them as the combination of boiled corn and pear.

Although Nelz hasn’t popped much on our radar, the muso is yet a voice to hear. So you may right away make a place on your playlist for Nelz.

And Nadia Nakai? Sometimes called Bragga, this songstress bears as much musical appeal as the lead singer on this song. combines music and entrepreneurship so well one wonders how she does it.

In “eStyleni,” she unleashes her musical side, leaving the reading hankering for more. Wouldn’t you rather tap into her musical energy as well as Nelz’s? you’re in for a wonderful experience, if you please. Come on!

Well, are you into “eStyleni” by Nelz and Nadia Nakai? How would you rate the song? We invite you to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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