Nesta&KayBeezie x Kozzi & EeQue – Gqina Thina

Nesta&KayBeezie link up with Kozzi and EeQue for a song titled “Gqina Thina,” which you can stream right here.

One thing strikes you near instantly: the song’s title. Did the blokes deliberately set out to rhyme with the title, or did the words actually mean something? You just might out in a few minutes – less likely from us.

We’re here for the meat of the song itself. “Gqina Thina” shows the friends at bay, in a mood that may well pass for luxury, spitting their bars with divine assurance. The song has got the energy one expects from a song for a weekend beano.

And while we know not every music buff will toss their hat for this number, we also know it’s one song that will not lack for guests. It is that engaging. The songster’s on the song might not be buzzing out there, but their recent release is a fine testament to their merits as musicians. Go figure, if you please.

What do you think of Nesta&KayBeezie,  Kozzi, and EeQue’s collaborative “Gqina Thina” song? Do you think they nailed it? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Nesta&KayBeezie x Kozzi & EeQue – Gqina Thina

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