Newlands Finest And Woza Sabza Treats Us With The “Finest Sabza”

Newlands Finest teams up with Woza Sabza for new song "Finest Sabza"

Newlands Finest and Woza Sabza are a formidable team on their latest offering “Finest Sabza”.

Talk about making music out of names. That’s the coolest thing we have seen today. Newlands Finest and Woza Sabza are big time geniuses and they prove it with their recent collaboration named after their stage names “Finest Sabza”.

The popular Durban duo hasn’t disappointed us this year. They have been on the move even in the lockdown and so have their fellow collaborator, Woza Sabza. Woza has been up to a lot of work as usual and has made the Gqom genre very proud.

The KwaZulu-Natal star, has contributed heavily to the genre’s growth with various hits including “Gqom Is Going Nowhere”, “Xhosa Man With Some Power”, and more. You may have heard the highly acclaimed “2 Kings 1 Castle” EP. The two acts surprised fans with this collab, and we must say it is a really good one.

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