Newlandz Finest Croons Ixesha With Nocy Dee

Newlandz Finest Croons Ixesha With Nocy Dee

Gqom group Newlandz Finest’s leads fans throught a magical bend in their musical soul via a song titled “Ixesha,” featuring Nocy Dee.

It’s a first for Nocy Dee on here, but the lead artistes, Newlandz Finest so to speak, have treated us to several numbers already. In fact, before the two-man band popped on here with “Ixesha,” they had wooed us with “Maduzane,” a collaborative work with Scoop.

Before that, they had linked up with Ndoni and Scelo Gowane for a track titled “Andimboni.” They are not done with sharing fine numbers, as should be evident from thir latest drop

“Ixesha” is a musical treat we readily admit we are enamoured of. This potent lyrical offering will most likely keep you warm all week. So we encourage you to check it out and share as well.

Given the charm of “Ixesha,” we can only look forward to more numbers from the band, which comprises two buddies. Hopefully they treat us to another scorcher soon. We wait. You might do the same.

How would you rate “Ixesha” by Newlandz Finest Ft. Nocy Dee? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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