Newlandz Finest Drops Ngiyoke Ngibone Ft. Sykes & Masuda

Newlandz Finest Drops Ngiyoke Ngibone Ft. Sykes & Masuda

South African boy band Newlandz Finest croons “Ngiyoke Ngibone,” a song of agreeable sonic warmth,  alongside pals Sykes and Masuda. It’s a local meeting of champions.

Newlandz Finest is one of the South African groups taking the gqom message to the world, one fine number at a time. At this point in their career, the story of gqom in South Africa will not be complete without a mention of them.

In “Ngiyoke Ngibone,” Newlandz Finest asserts itself as a group to take seriously. This song might be counted among their most engaging yet – a song to return to after your first encounter.

“Ngiyoke Ngibone” is taken from the group’s recently released “Lost and found Project.” Fortunately, neither that project nor the song in review leaves you lost. You’re promised a good time, rather, and that’s what you get, ultimately.

Wouldn’t you rather embrace the song right away and experience something charming? Come on!

What do you think of “Ngiyoke Ngibone” and how would you rate is on a scale of zero to ten? Did Newlandz Finest and their pals nail it? You may want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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