nezsa – Soul Searching EP

Recording artist nezsa has stormed the music scene by releasing her daring new EP: Soul Searching. The extended play is a collection of six ardently expressive tracks, conveying emotions in powerful, unfiltered ways – a reflection of the explicit tag attached.

Soul Searching opens with the track “Pressure,” an intense array of emotions wrapped into a 2:54 minute offering, setting the tone for what listeners can expect from the EP itself. It is followed by “Trouble,” a song that shows off nezsa’s ability to create captivating music without holding anything back.

The third track in the EP, “Technicolor Bliss,” offers an unconventional, tantalizing soundscape, delivering a sense of ecstasy in its 2:46 minute runtime. This is closely succeeded by “Nervous Juice,” a tune that aptly encapsulates the jittery excitement and unease that often come hand-in-hand.

“Should Have Cared” stands proudly as the longest track in the Soul Searching EP, reaching to 3:32 minutes. It delivers a raw and personal message of regret and missed opportunities. The EP rounds off with “NWTG,” a potent wrap-up, culminating and symbolizing the journey that nezsa has skillfully taken her fans through.

Targeting lovers of authenticity and raw emotions, the Soul Searching EP is a remarkable addition to nezsa’s musical portfolio. Reviews and fan reactions online capture the sense of fascination and satisfaction at the boldness and expressive ingenuity that Soul Searching delivers. It’s certainly another strong stride in nezsa’s flourishing musical career.

Soul Searching – EP

Artist: nezsa
Genres: R&B,Soul
Release Date: 4/19/2024
Track Count: 6
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 emPawa Africa Limited


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Pressure nezsa 2:54 Released
2 Trouble nezsa 2:44 Released
3 Technicolor Bliss nezsa 2:46 Released
4 Nervous Juice nezsa 3:13 Released
5 Should Have Cared nezsa 3:32 Released
6 NWTG nezsa 3:15 Released


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