Nkukza SA – ISRAEL Album

We are happy to bring you South African rapper Nkukza SA’s “ISRAEL” album. it’s been a while since the songster released anything, so there is understandably great interest in what he has just put together.

A lot comes to mind just from realising the songster has released a new project – a lot from the past. The rapper was previously part of the rap collective Teargas, which also has K.O. as one of the members.

In its heyday, Teargas was a top group in South Africa. But disagreements led to the band’s collapse and attempts to bring the band members together again have been unsiuccessful

Anyway, Nkukza SA os happy to do his thing solo, as exemplified by his latest release, a project comprising 16 songs and with a sprinkling of guest artists.

If nothing else, the album indicates that the songster has not lost his musical charms after all. You are welcome to find out for yourself by listening to the album below.



Track Number Title Artist Duration
1 Jazz Picasso Nkukza SA & Thesnaliway 3:44
2 Ongea Nami Nkukza SA, Zani, & Thatohatsi 7:49
3 Fractual Tail Nkukza SA & LeeroSoul 6:19
4 Sofika Nkukza SA, C-TRIX, Soulistic L, and Yandisa Ntusi 8:22
5 Jumbroo 2 Nkukza SA & Lowbass djy 7:57
6 Haunting Hour Nkukza SA, LeeroSoul, & JayLokas 6:57
7 This Can’t Be Nkukza SA, LeeroSoul, Djy Ma’ten, and Djy Biza 6:55
8 Spirits of Sounds Nkukza SA & Ruzztydeep 6:48
9 70’s Bounce Nkukza SA & Melo T1 3:09
10 Ba deep TRP Nkukza SA & Leroy SA 7:29
11 Audio Sim Nkukza SA 5:57
12 Dudu My Darling Nkukza SA, Mk Soul, LeeroSoul & Jandas 7:02
13 Aw’Yebo Nkukza SA, Skaydadeedjy, STNGR, LeeroSoul, and Djy Zan Sa 7:24
14 PPZ 2 Nkukza SA & W4DE 5:35
15 Illusination Nkukza SA & Boips 5:08
16 Muted Statement Nkukza SA & Catsta Teekay 7:24


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