Nobantu Vilakazi & DBN Gogo – Bhuti ft. 2woshort, Visca, ShaunMusiq & FTears

South African DJ, DBN Gogo, and musical artist, Nobantu Vilakazi have come together to collaborate on a new track titled “Bhuti.” The song features 2woshort, Visca, ShaunMusiq, and FTears, all of whom are fellow South Africans. The collaboration has been described as a “coming together of champions who share great collaborative energy.”

The wait for the release of “Bhuti” has been eagerly anticipated, and the finished product does not disappoint. The track is sure to please any music lover and will likely be shared widely among fans.

DBN Gogo has been making waves in the South African music scene with her infectious beats, and Nobantu Vilakazi has been gaining popularity with her unique sound. Together, they have created a track that is sure to be a hit.

Listeners can expect a lively and upbeat song with a distinct South African sound. With the addition of 2woshort, Visca, ShaunMusiq, and FTears, the track promises to be a collaborative masterpiece that showcases the best of South African music.

The release of “Bhuti” is sure to be a highlight of the South African music scene this year, and fans can’t wait to hear what these talented artists have in store for them.


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