Nqobile Nkosi – Umile

It’s time for a gospel break, peeps, and Spirit of Praise’s Nqobile Nkosi has made that possible with a song titled “Umile,” which you can stream here and now.

If you’re familiar with the gospel band Spirit of Praise, you probably already know that Nqobile Nkosi is one of the singer’s whose voice you just cannot miss.

That voice is all yours to savour in “Umile,” a song that will also reaffirm your relationship with Christ. At a time when peeps out there are denying the existence of God and attributing things to man, “Umile” illumines the role of God in the life of man, especially the Christian.

And while this might be a gospel tune, you should still find the song enjoyable if you should open your hear t to it, whether you’re a Christian or not.

There are gospel songs and there are gospel songs. Nqobile Nkosi’s “Umile” is a splendid addition to the body of Christian music out there and we have no qualms recommending it.

Vibe with this song all you like and you’ll realize that there’s not only power in heaven, there’s power in the voice of a South African musician… the one whose song you’ve probably just listened to.

Nqobile Nkosi – Umile

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