Officixl Rsa – Spiritual Sounds Episode ll Album

South African music producer returns to UbeToo with a compilation dubbed “Spiritual Sounds Episode ll” album, quietly fulfilling a promise he made that his fans should look forward to the project by midnight.

It isn’t all the time that artists get to keep to release schedules. So, of course, we’re chugged. The delight transcends the timeliness of the drop, of course. There’s the overpowering pleasure of the compilation as well.

The compilation begins with an eponymous song and ends with “Ghost Writers.” Between those are numbers like “Camagu,” “Salam,” “Red Squared,” “Underrated Product,” “Danko,” and “Kgoshi,” among others.

Officixl co-opted several of his associates on this song, including Dr Papzo, Benzoo, Long Drum, Mgiftozsa and Tyler.

The title of the album might hint at something religious, but best believe this is not something that follows that path. And the songster behind the number is not on a proselytising stunt. Far from it.

Still, as a piece of music, there’s o denying the potency of what has been released. So, if you’re looking forward to a semblance of a magical musical break, you should make it a point to open your soul to this extended play. Let the music begin.

Officixl Rsa – Spiritual Sounds Episode ll Album Tracklist

  1. Officixl RSA ft de-papzo & Sleazy Ezzy – Spiritual Sounds
  2. Officixl RSA ft Dlala X – Camagu
  3. Officixl RSA ft Tyler – Salam
  4. Officixl RSA ft DrummeRTee 924 – Red Squared
  5. Officixl RSA – Underrated Products
  6. Officixl RSA ft Tyler & Boontle RSA – Danko (Vocal Mix)
  7. Officixl RSA ft de-papzo – Kgoshi
  8. Officixl RSA ft Tyler – Mahlebezulu
  9. Officixl RSA ft PYY Log Drum King & Benzoo – Vele Vele
  10. Officixl RSA ft Mgiftoz_SA – Ingane
  11. Officixl RSA ft Mgiftoz_SA – Ghost Writers

Officixl Rsa – Spiritual Sounds Episode ll Album Mp3/Zip Download

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